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Sonny Rose



Sonny Rose is a hip-hop artist on the rise: his music is about to hit it big this coming summer: His sharp lyrical flow and energetic performance go hand in hand with the great work of executive producer Lord B, who further helped him shape his sound.

Sonny Rose

Sonny’s sound is incredibly upfront and direct, and his music speaks loudly about this artist’s ambitions and talent. His new songs are about to drop soon, and there is even a lot of other juicy material, including some music videos and more.

Born William Ellis Atchinson II, this artist took his stage name from his mother, Rose Marie Atchinson. In the neighborhood, nobody knew him by his real name, but they all referred to him as the son of Rose…Sonny Rose!

He has always been fascinated by performing and even if he grew up in a tough, gang-affiliated neighborhood in Oklahoma City, he discovered his talent for fast-witted rhymes and managed to overcome a though background. He discovered music and poetry shortly after the tragic loss of his father, as he set out to express himself through thought-provoking and compelling writings.

Don’t miss his debut album, “Nothing Stays The Same Forever” as well as his first Hot single, “Options”


Find out more and stay tuned to learn more:

Facebook: Sonny Rose

Twitter: iamsonnyrose

Instagram: iamsonnyrose

snapchat: whenitssonnyout

website: www.thesonofrose.net

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