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Young Pok – Never Neglect

Young Pok is a hip-hop artist hailing from New Jersey.  

He has just released his much anticipated new single “Never Neglect”, which will not disappoint fans and listeners who have been eagerly awaiting this release.

The production style is modern, clean, and contemporary. The vocals are gritty and punchy, which creates a dynamic and striking comparison with the minimalistic and sparse beats.

Young Pok’s lyrics are strong, powerful, and incisive. His witty wordplay and tongue in cheek humour bear a striking resemblance to contemporary artists such as Kendrick Lamar and J Cole, among others.  https://downbeatz.tumblr.com/post/170184280249/young-pok-never-neglect-young-pok-is-a-hip-hop

Young POK

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